About us

Estonian apples are great source for tasty ciders. This has been proven by Martin and early business partner Erki who's experiments in their home cellars have given courage to step into public and multiply quantities so that more people could enjoy our ciders. We are born and we live in Tallinn, Estonia - therefore we believe in order to make good cider and valorise Estonian apples, one can live anywhere.  Our objective is to manufacture tasty modern craft ciders, sparklings and non-alcoholic drinks. We believe people are strong enough to drink less alcohol, but more quality. We wish to stay close to our friends and fans. We manufacture our cider in a city using modern technologies and we wish to share our joy of good drinks with you. There is not such thing as "traditional cider-making in Estonia", therefore we wish to be part of building it. We intend to experiment with different tastes and recipes, mix apple juice with whatever we find relevant, we will listen feedback from our fans and we will present our favourites to you. We manufacture vintage drinks, means we will capture unique spirit of apples and other fruits from each year. In this way, we believe, every drinksmaking-season is full of surprises and discoveries.

Martin, head cider maker, started to make wine and cider in his fathers cellar back in 2010. First experiments proved to be awful, but after studying all cider making books available, things started to move upwards quickly. Soon Martin started to visit events to sell his makings, so he faced to his surprise warm feedback regarding his ciders. As a head cider maker at MULL° drinks, Martin is commited to make tasty and high quality ciders. He’s approach is thorough and he prefers facts over opinions.



Lauri, head of sales and marketing, has never prepared wine or cider. Lauri is in a team inspired from opportunities linked to valuing Estonian apples. His earlier career in large multinational companies in Estonia and outside has given plenty of experience, which he now intends to use in a benefit of something really great. To MULL°° drinks team he brings unique leadership approach along with modern marketing- and sales practices. Lauri can be characterised as values driven team player, highly approachable and result driven.