CITY CIDER° gift-pack 4-pack

44,00 incl. VAT

Box 4×0.75 cl
2015 Apple Cider with blackberry is semi-dry, fresh and gentle drink. With a very special colour of the mix of apple and blackberry. Solid bubbles like in a champagne. Closing your eyes while enjoying this drink, you can easily picture a crisp autumn afternoon somewhere in Estonia, the day when the apples and blackberries for this drink were picked. Combine with Steaks or cheese and enjoy!
It is excellent  to whom who love fresh drink with bubbles, where dominant taste is crisp Estonian apples spiced with royal blackberries. Perfect for special occasions, but also on a regular day at home or in a good restaurant. 
Alcohol content 4%
How to serve: White wine glass or champagne glass. Drink cooled down to 6–8 °C.